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The Municipality of Plaridel is located in the midwestern part of the Province of Bulacan. It is located approximately 36 kilometers north of Manila and has the geographical coordinates of 14º52’-14º55’ latitude and 120º50’-120º55’ longitude. 

Its topography is generally flat, with a slope range of 0-3%, given that the Municipality is located in a broad alluvial plane. It has an average elevation of 10 meters above sea leve (ASML). 

Four types of soil which can be typically found in the area are Quingua silty loam, Bigaa clay loam, Buenavista, silt loam, and Prensa silty clay loam; while among its underlying rock formations are alluvial sediments and quarternary pyroclastic.

Many bodies of water traverse the Municipality, and it has a relatively shallow watertable, which is an excellent source of ground water.

In addition, non-mineral deposits can be found along bodies of water in the Plaridel such as loosely consolidated, well-graded sands, gravels, and boulders with some silt.


Municipality of Plaridel, Bulacan

AC Reyes Street, Poblacion, Plaridel, Bulacan 3004
(044) 794-0119