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Believed to have been founded by the Augustinian friars, the history of Plaridel can be traced back to some records in 1595. In the early years of the Spanish colonization, the place was a vast undeveloped plain covered with thick forest and cogon grass with Angat and Tabang rivers running through it. The Angat River flowed in a meandering way to Calumpit and ended towards the Pampanga River. The Tabang River, a mere tributary with adjoining intersections dividing the middle of the present Poblacion, flowed to Manila Bay, passing through Guiguinto and other towns of Bulacan. The water of this river was called “Tabang” or fresh water.

Very few people lived here, and they were closely related with each other. Each group had a leader called “Tandis”. Different groups spoke different dialects: Pampango, Pangasinense, Ilocano and Tagalog. From Calumpit, Spanish priests and missionaries of the Augustinian Order led by Rev. Fr. Bernardino de Leon frequently visited the place to preach the Catholic faith using the “balsa” or bamboo raft as their means of transportation. These missionaries thought of clearing the land to establish settlements and to convert the people to Christianity. They thought of giving generous rewards to those who could clear the biggest area. The inhabitants liked the idea, and everybody set to work. For seven years, each group of people labored hard that when the priests returned, they found the place had all been cleared. They inquired from the natives as who should be credited for the work, and the Pampangos exclaimed, “Quing wawa ding Tagalog po”, or the Tagalogs did it. To every question of the friars, the people replied each time, “Buti Quing Wawa Tagalog, Quing wa”. The priests then believed that the Tagalogs should be credited for the work and should receive the gold medal. Thereafter, the place was called Quingua.

Like any other community, Quingua grew and prospered. The life of the people flourished, and intelligent sons and daughters were born. Jose J. Mariano, “Alcalde” for the period 1934-1950 initiated the renaming of the town. Congressman Pedro Magsalin, sponsored the bill changing the name of the town from Quingua to Plaridel. The bill was passed by the Philippine Congress and was approved by President Manuel L. Quezon. On December 29, 1936, amidst elaborate celebrations, the town was renamed PLARIDEL in honor of the great hero of Bulacan – Marcelo H. Del Pilar.


Municipality of Plaridel, Bulacan

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